Tir Nan Beo

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Website http://www.tirnanbeo.com/
Van 2012 tot heden
Genre(s) Fantasy (low)
Minimum leeftijd 18 Besloten Nee
Aantal events per jaar 4 Totaal aantal 12 (in 2014)
Deelnemersaantal onbekend Verblijf Kamperen
Catering Nee (O=Ontbijt, L=Lunch, D=Diner/soep)
Gemiddelde prijs Prijs PC laag Prijs PC hoog Prijs NPC laag Prijs NPC hoog
45,00 80,00 10,00 80,00 10,00
Tir Nan Beo is a Dutch live role-play group that bases its games on Celtic / Dark ages / Germanic mythology tradition and fashion but stylised and enlarged to create a heroic but realistic feel. The Tir Nan Beo is related to the Dumnonni Chronicles which is located in the UK.

In the Tir Nan Beo like Dumnonni Chronicles, the look and feel is re-enactment meets fantasy plus it’s a what you see is what you get setting. Our thought is that a good costume, good role playing, accepting the setting and its culture enables the right fit for a great adventure and great experience. Few rules, high quality roleplaying, high quality outfits, epic battles and a unique campfire atmosphere. Our games endeavour to be accessible to players that enjoy many different aspects of the game. We like to think that we can guide a plot where both thought and action are equally important and so caters to a broad range of desires.

The period that we draw inspiration from is 200 BC to 900 AD allowing a large scope of social and cultural background .There is also a mythological slant to our games that broadens this further.